Ok. On a very serious note.

Senior sessions were my very first photo shoots that started my career! My 11th grade year of High School, I began photographing my friends' senior pictures and it was my absolute favorite thing. What a monumental time in your life. You're graduating High School and beginning your journey as an adult! Plus, senior shoots are SO MUCH FUN. It's not just about the pictures, it's the experience as well. One of my favorite compliments to hear is, "I had so much fun, you made me feel so comfortable!"

I know some of you may not want tons of pictures and some may want lots! This is why I have 3 different senior packages. One being super simple and laid back, the second is right in the middle, and my largest package includes makeup/hair and styling-outfit rentals for the ladies! Reach out to me for more info, I'd love to chat!