Picturing Purpose


Hey everyone! So, not only am I a photographer, but I also have a super special podcast that launched in September 2021, called Picturing Purpose! I share my life along with many other amazing stories and guests. Every other week I will have a special guest sharing a life-changing testimony and inspire us to find our God given purpose. Join me as I offer a quirky yet uplifting podcast that will hopefully make your day a little brighter!


If you love the podcast and want to see it fulfill it's purpose, your donations are incredibly appreciated! Keeping the podcast up and running is an extra cost I have taken on (and will continue to do as needed). I know that God will always provide because this podcast is his! Not only will donations go to the making of the podcast, but Picturing Purpose will be blessing a large percentage of it's monthly earnings to people in need. Whatever God puts on my heart, is where the money will go. I will share what your money is contributing to at the beginning of each month. We have several people in the community experiencing financial burdens due to COVID19, traumatic accidents, being hospitalized, and taking time off of work. Picturing Purpose does not just want to be a fun and encouraging voice, but to also be an active part of the community. Please know that there is never an amount too small. $5 is $5! If you are unable to donate, your prayers are powerful! Please pray for this podcast and that it continues to serve it's purpose and spread the love of Christ. Our hope is that Picturing Purpose is an encouragement to anyone that needs it and that we create strong, confident, and motivated disciples. Thank you for your support!

Please contact me if you would like to purchase a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or hoodie!